Hi Nicola,

I cannot get over how beautiful the pictures are! We’ve been looking at them constantly for the last few days trying desperately to pick some but finding it impossible to choose. 100 seems like a lot but when there are so many gorgeous shots it makes it so much trickier! We love them all. You really couldn’t have done a better job and they bring a tear to my eye…although I think I’ve shed enough tears at this stage, so silly. Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an incredible job. You are a true artist and I’m so proud so them. You were so lovely to be around all day and you were such a calming presence.
I’ve attached the list of our 100 choices anyway and I can’t wait to print them and see them! More excitement! Let me know what’s the easiest way to get the cd off you, I can call in on my way home whenever suits or we can meet somewhere, I really don’t mind.
I hope you’re really well and thank you so much again for everything.

All our love,

Sinead and Roj xxxx

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